Erik Jorgensen

Web Developer / Software Engineer


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Salt Lake City, UT



Ten plus years experience as a website developer, webmaster and web software engineer. Recognized for ability to find innovative solutions to data management and content delivery challenges. Works well in team environment. Seeking a challenging opportunity
that will allow me to continue developing skills with a variety of internet technologies.


Computer Skills


Apache Web Server (LAMP stack), Unix/Linux, Windows, HTML 5, CSS 3, Java Script, PHP, Joomla CMS, Perl, NetBeans IDE, MVC Architecture, JQuery, MySQL, Ajax, JSON, XML, BibTex, Bootstrap , MediaWiki, vBulletin Forums, Webmin Server Administrator, Adobe
Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, Microsoft Office.

Specialized in front end web development primarily using WordPress and Joomla platforms and web software development with PHP, Javascript and HTML/CSS. Also experienced with full LAMP stack management.
Some Experience with:
Java, Liferay CMS, Android Studio IDE, Eclipse IDE, Zend Framework, Flash, Premiere, After Effects, 3D Studio Max.



2015 – Now Web Software Engineer, Axis41
2000 – 2015 Webmaster, Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, University of Utah

Established and maintained all of the Institute’s web presence including setup, configuration and management of the web servers, excluding hardware maintenance and OS installation which was handled by the Institute’s IT team. Worked closely with SCI’s
graphic designer and media group manager, Nathan Galli, to develop and maintain the Institute’s main website as well as its many collaborative project websites, wikis and forums.

Was primarily responsible for a major migration of all web resources to new web servers. This included setup and configuration of the apache server, upgrading and migrating over 20 Joomla CMS based sites, over 15 MediaWikis and one vBulletin forums.

Developed a range of custom Joomla components written in object oriented PHP using NetBeans IDE including:

• The JoomBib research publications management system. Joombib provides both frontend and backend tools for uploading publication documents and entering related bibliographic data in an enforced BibTeX compliant format. High efficiency keyword tagging
for areas of research and related research projects allowed customized publications listings to be displayed on multiple project websites. Tagging also allows publication abstract content to be used in multiple areas of websites such as pages dedicated
to current areas of research and projects. The Institute’s library of over 2000 publications can be explored via a searchable paginated list with expandable abstracts, high-res sample images, and exportable BibTeX citations.

• A component for efficient software dissemination and download analytics which allowed software developers to release new software packages by placing the files in a specific directory on the file server and including a simple XML file. The system
automatically detects the new release and displays it as the default latest version along with details extracted from the XML file. On a weekly basis, download logs are parsed to extract a wide variety of analytics data about downloads. A Geolocation
API in conjunction with Google Maps API is used to generate a map displaying the locations of downloads in an analytics report for any software release selected.

• A component for managing and selectively displaying both public and private events such as seminars, demos, distinguished lectures, meetings, conferences and workshops. A front page mini-calendar displays a quick visual indication of events occurring
in the current month by default and can be navigated instantly on click using AJAX. Days can be clicked on to display full pages with images and descriptions for the events on that day. An RSS feed is available on the site and is used for remote
displays of upcoming events. Weekly and daily emails are automatically generated to mailing lists informing members of upcoming and current events as well as new publications and faculty activities. An Events page allows users to search events by
type, group or year dating back as far as 2002.

 2005 Website Developer and Photographer,  Association of Space Explorers Nineteenth International Congress

Selected by State Science Advisor, Greg Jones, to develop a state of the art website for the Nineteenth International Congress of the Association of Space Explorers which was held in Salt Lake City and hosted by former Utah state senator Jake Garn.
This week long event drew together fifty six astronauts and cosmonauts from 10 nations. I developed the site which represented its international nature and included a Flash animation simulating a “Journey to the Planets.” Also served as a photographer
for the event, accompanying astronauts as they visited schools, held technical sessions, visited areas of cultural and social interest, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.

 1996 – 1998 Internet Service Provider, Umbriel Internet Services, Salt Lake City, Utah

Owned and operated a small company Umbriel LLC. Set customers up with internet connectivity and provided technical assistance, tutoring, and web development services. Handled all marketing, promotion, accounting, billing and customer relations.



Skilled at self-education

The majority of my education and skill development has been self-directed. While classroom education is useful, I believe it is imperative to continually educate oneself in order to keep up with the constantly changing environment of technology. I
use my imagination to conceive challenging projects then take advantage of all resources available to bring the project to completion. Beyond technology, I am also interested in science, history, art, music and philosophy.

2000 Associate of Science in Visual Arts (Multimedia Specialization)
Salt Lake Community College
1995 – 1996 Completed several courses as a Telecommunications major
University of Utah
1994 Associate of Science in General Education
Salt Lake Community  College



2015 Honored for 15 years of service to the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute and the University of Utah
1996 Inducted to Kappa Tau Alpha, National Honor Society in Journalism and Mass Communications
University of Utah